New Moon (2009) — Not even close!

Posted: December 1, 2009 in movies

Last week i went to watch New Moon from twilight saga. Not that i am a fans of the actor nor the book, but basically i watch it just because i’m curious. Curious of whether this saga might turn into another big hit or .. big miss..? And unfortunately, it turn to the latter.

It was a big dissapointment for me. And here is some of the reason why i call this movie sucks :

1. The two major role who supposed to make the movie alive, turns 180 degrees and make it dreadful. They don’t have chemistry enough to make me believe if they love each other. Instead, it was bleak and not convincing at all.. There are moments where Kristen Stewart does not even look at Robert pattinson at all. It is terribly awkward. Also, i dont know whats wrong with her eyelashes, but she blink it often.. Even when it is not necessary! Robert Pattinson also seem spiritless. I know by definition of vampire he supposed to be cold and legally death, but seriously.. It seems to me that he practically does not even ther.. It just like a damn geourgeous body, but without a soul. So yeah, i dont buy their acting at all… 

2. The Cullen family just like an eye candy. I dont know whether it might be because they were not given much scenes compare to its prequel, or they just dont bring it on to the next level. Alice was quite ok. but the rest.. Bleh..

3. Effort made by Jakob Black (or Taylor lautner) to help fix this movie was pointless as Bella does not reciprocate his acting in the same level. I think the young actor has some potential but please… find him a better actress to act with next time.

4. Though the CG was quite awesome and the giant wolves are pretty cool, there aren’t much action going on. Instead, i found this movie quite in a slow pace and thanks to Kristen and Rob, it just make it slower than it seems.. Which is killing me. The threats from the the crazy vampire bitch or Laurent does not scary me at all..  and left no impression. I was also expecting it to be more “Noir”, with more adrenaline rush, but no.. not at all..  Even with several Bella attempts on near-death experiences. 

5. The rest of the werewolves packes seems like just a show of hot-shirtless body. It will be great if there will be more character development happening since they were experiencing major changes. but instead, it does not even touch bout it at all. or even if they claimed they did, somehow i missed that!

Well.. despite all of its weaknesses, i should admit that i’m quite impressed with the Volturi. especially dakota fanning. Thumbs up girl!

Anyway.. somehow the hardcore fans still love this movie and yes, thats what the producers care about. My suggestions, if you are not teenage girl who loves to be bitten by Edward cullen, just dont waste ur time in this movie. Seriously.

  1. Widya says:

    i dont know whats wrong with her eyelashes, but she blink it often.. Even when it is not necessary! —> hahahahahaha.

  2. Winnu Ayi says:

    HAHAHA!!! your post is really funny!
    glad i can’t watch that movie here.

    ow, so this hot-shirtless guys are werewolves. firstly i thought they were a bunch of *censored*. so annoying to see that pic.

  3. Andjas says:

    testimoni temen zakki setelah nonton new moon : “…..Mengharukan. Saya pingin nangis pas Edward dibanting ke grand piano, dan grand piano nya hancur. Kok gak Edwardnya aj si yg hancur?….”

  4. zakki120 says:

    well..what do u expect from a crappy movie that get only 4.3 out of 10 in IMDB rating..? 😀

    people watched this just for curiosity, or because girl wants to see Rob, or boys because they’re gay…

    • sofia07 says:

      agree! should have listen to imdb not watching this.. but hey.. the fun part is, i can bitch about how bad this movie is ! hahaha
      btw, dont think Rob handsome though….. Oops.. 🙂

  5. petra says:

    well i am one of the “curious”

    tetep penasaran mo nonton, liat jake nya.

  6. yosira says:

    I watched it with some friends who were worshipping Jacob over Edward, but dont count me in, I watched it only because I wanted to see how bad it was… hehehehe
    and yeah, from the beginning till the end, I almost fell asleep,

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