Seal or not seal?

Posted: December 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

Have you guys read today’s news in Jakarta Post about Senayan City shopping mall dispute? Yups.. one of our dearest shopping mall is proposed to be sealed following a dispute over the  land where it is built. The top city councilor has urged the Jakarta building supervision and order agency to seal this mall.

senayan city mall

Although i must admit that i agree with what Lulung Lunggana (Deputy speaker of the city council)  said that we should uphold the law indiscriminately,  i wasn’t really sure if we are in the same ship regarding needs to seal the building immediately.  Lulung said that the agency needs to act and seal it now to avoid impression that they acts quickly against slum areas but acts hesitantly against luxury buildings.  Moreover, his fellow city councillor, Taufik Hadiawan said that Governor’s image is at stake.. People are curious if he will side with big business people or defend the public’s interest.

The two councilors were responding to the agency’s decision to suspend the shopping mall’s operational permit, which followed a claim from offspring of the late land owner Toyib bin Kiming that the Senayan City developer had yet to pay compensation for the land transfer. However, till now no further action will be taken as the dispute is being heard in court.

No, the question is, should we seal Senayan city mall or not? In my opinion, sealing it now is really not the best option. If they said its for public interest, well, is it really ?  Think about number of employees who will suffer if we suspend the mall operation? Think about, amount of money that will gone as there is no business activities held at mall? Also.. think about the investment that has been made to the mall..  Suspending mall operation may hamper our credibility and security in local property investment.

Of course the developer is not innocent. Their late payment had caused this dispute. However.. i don’t think it should be the employee or the owner of the shop who should bear the consequences. Till the court finalized their decision, i vote for the continuation of Senayan city mall operation. Now, who’s with me? 🙂

  1. wendude says:

    Pi, I’m with you,

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