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Posted: December 2, 2009 in movies, Something funny
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Dear all…  Hows your day? Ok.. If you said ” same old.. same old.. Staring at my excel spreadsheets, wearing glasses with serious mimic pretending like a working bee while actually waiting for the boss to pass my cubicle and securely surf over (or even stalking!! yess… i know some of u did 🙂 ) my friends on facebook”, well… let me tell you a thing to help pass another usual day. Watch this freakin awesome TV show before u go to bed, and trust me.. u will smile as wide as joker tomorrow 🙂

So.. lets get it to the list dude!

Jreng.. jreng.. jreng.. Here’s come the queen announcement, toward 10 most awesome tv character, ever!!

10. Sheldon – Big bang theory

Image: Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper on "The Big Bang Theory"

Why we love him? He definitely not someone you want as a roommate, but he always has the best line, super honest, crazy, nerd, and deal with life like scientist deal with an experiment. And.. he has the little resemblance with some of us..  a hard-core engineers who loves to play halo, warcraft yet still play it cool when a chick/dude pass by. The difference is.. he’s cool with what he is.. love it!  Super brain-niac sheldon!!

9. Sylar – Heroes

Why he is awesome? He is creepy, freaking crazy dude who loves to kill but without him, Heroes is as good as death to me.   Beside.. he has this superpower that everyone longing for…

8.  Dwight Scrute – The office

He is the top salesman in the office, he is hungry of authority, lack of sense of humor, and gullible. He is an easy target of pranks. He loves battlestar galactica, harry potter, and he is the greatest sidekick to the tv show!!

Rainn Wilson.jpg

7. Samantha – Samantha Who

A devil turns into angel due to her amnesia. Seeking for redemption for her past evil evil behaviour. She is awesome, not only when she already become a nice person, but even when she was the devil wears prada. Love when she tried to mimic a panic wife who tried to pass a police line of a burning apartment pretending that her husband might got injurred in the accident just because she is too lazy to walk on more blocks. She was wearing high heels that time,  and yes… for all girls who have suffered wearing heels after a night out, walking on more blocks is like a curse.. Hell over heels!! So yeah.. tricking police like that, way to go babe!! (PS: i’m thinking to do acting like her sometimes when police pull over me on the road.. Hope it works :))

6. Fez – that 70’s show

Why we love him? Ok. here are the reasons. Who does not love his awesome fashion style with bright beachy motifs? Also.. Who does not love his foreign accent? He is kind and naive, goofy and charming!

5. Michael Scofield

He’s the hawtest at TV show (well.. practically when he is at season 1 and 2.. before he puts on fat belly… ). He is also super smart (yes dude, girl loves smart guy.. though we may not understand what the hell he’s talking about), charming, loyal, and every guy can dream to be, and what every girl wants.

4. Jack Bauer- 24

He is awesome government agent and somehow alway can deal with even the most deadly threats toward the nation. he is the best agent ever and so talented.

3. Veronica Mars

Sassy girl, smart detective, can kick some ass and great photographers. Beautiful, funny, cute and talented.. Who will not fall over this character?

2.  Sue Sylvester – Glee

This weird teacher who wants to topple down the glee club is the one that makes the show interesting. Without her evil plans it will be plain:) This is one of her quotes: “I’m thankful for bamboo’s durability and resistance to splintering, making my ‘discipline cane’ the perfect teaching tool” haha.. i think she should work in a marinir camp rather than school teacher who do cheerios!

 1. Legend…. wait for it… wait for it….Dary Barney Stinson – How i met your mother

Ok.. who is not loving Barney? He is the mastermind of the playbook, the inventors and the writer of the holy sacred “Bro code”. he is the best wing man, awesome suit-up hero, the womanizer of the century (200 woman in conquest!! how awesome!! ), analyst of the chart hot vs crazy, the best high-fivers ever!! My deepest respect goes for him!!! And yes, he is the character with most awesome catchphrases 🙂

 Yups.. thats all folks 🙂 Is this the same list as yours? 😀

  1. Widya says:

    hahahahahah hmmmmm aku juga bikin ah… hmmmmm….

    10. Samantha Jones – Sex and the City

    9. Dana Scully – The X Files

    8. John Locke – Lost

    7. Barney Stinson – How I Met Your Mother

    6. Cee Cee Babcock – The Nanny

    5. Simon Cowell – American Idol

    4. Dr. Addison Montgomery – Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice

    3. Sarah Walker – Brothers and Sisters

    2. Bree van de Kamp – Desperate Housewives

    *jeng jenggg*

    1. Ross Geller – Friends

  2. petra says:

    dari awal gue udah menebak no 1 bakal si barney…and i absolutely agree! 😀

  3. Shane Kessel says:

    Hey, that’s some great information you got there. I love Glee! I watch it online at I’ll be sure to check out this blog more often!

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