Ujung Genteng – a hidden paradise

Posted: December 21, 2009 in travel
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Last thursday (17th Dec 2009), me and Endah ( a good friend of mine from SMU 5 Sby) went to Ujung Genteng. After being lost for about half an hour we finally got to the departure point at McD Melawai (which btw.. already changed to Tony Jack’s), and met the rest of the crews which we have never met or acquinted before. I knew this trip from Endah, who knew about it from our senior. And, thats practically how everyone ended up with this trip. Knew it from somebody but totally dont have any clues of the rest of the crews. But thats awesome, coz u got both the adventures and u got many new friends! 🙂

So, exactly at 23.50 we hit the road. We got to Ujung genteng ~6 hours later. There, we went to visit the famous fountain Curug Cikaso, and the journey to explore the virgin Ujung genteng started 😀

  • Curug Cikaso

To get to this fountain, first we must use the traditional boat and sail for about 10 minutes. Then, u need to take a lil walk before got to the fountain. It has 4 fountain, and since the weather was perfect, we are able to see the rainbow 🙂 The sky was super clear, and u can breathe the clean morning air (not like Jakarta where u may ended up having ur pulmonary full of black smoke from fuel combustion :p)

  • Goa Gunung Sumbing

Next, we got back to the bus after creating some jumping pictures on the bridge nearby. The second destination is Goa Gunung Sumbing.

Located in literally, nowhere, without any clues of the cave, we walked passing some small streets in the village until we met our guide to the cave. An old man who quite funny and like to pose for picture with girls :)) We then continue walking in the middle of rice terrace, on a very narrow pathway. He took us to the underground cave that only has 1 small door that will lead to very dark, wide area where we can explore around and see some of the nature-made statues of animal.

  • The making of brown sugar (or gula aren)

Next, we are taking motorcycle (or ojek) to visit villagers and see directly the making of brown sugar from coconut trees. It made us understand and appreciate that a small thing, actually takes lots of efforts from the farmer. It also open and remind us that despite all the modernity and wealthy lifestyle that Jakarta offers, many million people in Indonesia still live under poverty…


  • The beaches – ujung genteng

Afterwards, we went to Cipanarikan beach and take a long walk along the beach line. Its white sands is nice, soft and warm. We took again the jumping picture on the beach, get a little tanned, and play with the waves. Near sunset, we then had a Goodbye ceremony to our little turtles as we saw them depart to the ocean… 🙂 Afterthat, all of us are being fascinated by the rich color that pangumbahan beach offer during sunset. You can also see some fishermans do fishing in the beach.. 🙂

  • Ombak 7

The next day, we went to Ombak 7. To get ther, as its located behind the protected and conservation forest, we should took a 3 hours off-road motorcycles!! How awesome is that rite? 🙂

You will experience offroad journey, being hit by grasses, and twigs along the way, having adrenaline rush as the motorcycle goes in a very steep hill and going down down down! You will also need to step down once in a while as you need to take a walk and pass the rivers with quite a  slippery stones and medium waves 😀 Overall, its super awesome!! Then, when u got to the ombak 7, u will love it! its beautiful, hidden, virgin beach!! Not many people there and its very clean. So yeah, this is definitely one thing that u shouldnt miss! However though, i recommend u to go ther not on a rainy day. Coz, the road to the beach is not easy and slippery, even in a dry sunny day. I could not imagine how bad it is if it was raining…. Beside, whats the point of playing in the beach if its raining rite? 😀

Here it goes, the famous ombak 7 😀



So yeah.. thats pretty much of its.. Me and Endah unfortunately have to go back lil early as we need to do something on Sunday (you know, its difficult when u are a busy person :p).  We took the rented bus to Sukabumi, only 2 of us as the passengers (despite the 40 seats available) 😀 So exclusive heh?

Then.. in Sukabumi, we got into  a L300 with destination to Bogor. At first it was quite comfy as we had the back seat for just the two of us.. But then, the driver seek opportunity to take more passengers, and he forced us to seat with another 2 people, of which both of them was quite huge! :)) It felt like a sardines got canned, u know.

Afterwards, we arrive in Bogor and took a metromini to Jakarta. Its already 11.30 pm. We were both already super tired ( i even actually have a cold..) and when just about landed in the dreamland, the driver ask us to step down and move to the angkot (public transportation). Weird thing is, i must say that the angkot is one of the coolest angkot i ever seen!!! It has the blue-ray disco lamp instead of boring 8 watt yellow lamp :)) It is also installed by the coolest subwoofer, that bang aloud, just exactly like what we saw in Pimp my Ride cars !! Not only that, the driver also turn on the dance music (disco), make it a perfect disco angkot! 😀

Anyway.. thats all folks 😀 I highly recommend u all to go check ujung genteng.. Its worth it! 😀

Disclaimer: all the picture here is courtesy of Kurnia Sofia Rosyada. Do not use it for any commercial purpose without permission.

  1. KaEl says:

    wow…jago moto nya..ajarin dong 🙂 mantapp!! pantesan nge-rekomend bgt..

  2. Endah Lestari says:

    Very nice writing.
    We have to do it again Kur.
    Of course not the part that we left early and had some dangerous n creepy adventure to get back to Jakarta. lol

    • sofia07 says:

      thanks ndah 🙂 Though i have to admit im looking forward to dangerous adventure ahead still.. :p (though it will be saver if we took karate 😉 )

  3. luri says:

    mantafff niaaa..poto2naa…so awesome…^_^, beutiful view…bikin ciriik..pengen cepet2 kesana…huhuhu

  4. omikushi says:

    tulisan yang keren mba… really great nature….. i’d love to go there next…. thanks for your sharing…

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