Top 10 things girls like

Posted: January 6, 2010 in people
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Boys and girls are different. But thats ok! So, in order to help both parties receive mutual understanding on each planet of their origin (women from venus, men from mars), i tried to list down things that most of my girl friends like… And here goes the list :

  • 10. Wedding

Wedding is a dream that every girls has. Since we were child, girl is often being choked by the fairy tales of Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty & the Beast that all always have a happy ever after ending, with a wedding..  No wonder every girl grew up with the wedding word planted inside our brain, and thinking to find a good match as their husband, just like the knight in the shining armor.  To make things worse, the society also keep bitchin about that and make every woman anxious with their ages, and therefore.. girl cant stop thinking and talking bout the wedding! *Sigh…  

However though, thinking too much about this isnt smart, girl! Wedding is not like a fairy tales. Its a new chapter of life that still requires both parties to work it out together. Believe me.. i check in Reuters, and can you guess what is the most hip gift for christmas 2009? a divorce session coupon with a lawyer!! Dont worry if you still a bachelorette. Wait till you got ready and met the right person. Meanwhile, enjoy your life and try to be a better person! 🙂

  • 9. Obsess about weight

Though i must admit society making the weight as a sensitive issues for the lady, and being fat is not advantageous (i.e. you may stucked in the chair at airplane, chased by a dog coz they think you are a free-meat or hippo, and yeah.. not healthy), girl should reduce their obsession on weight. Unless you are a model or actress, or perhaps a thief that need a super slim acrobatic body to steal the painting in a full infra-red security room, its ok if you are heavier than normal.. Some people even prefer a little chubby girl coz its cute (but not too chubby yach!).

  • 8. Bling-bling

Well.. what can i say.. Diamond is woman’s best friend! (Therefore i agree if women are smarter than men, as men choose dog as their best friend:))  So accessorize-up is a must for a women, and… well you know.. perhaps we got  a little addicted to that :p Its one of  our guilty pleasure 🙂  

  • 7. Sales & discounts

Well.. who does not love discounts? Especially girls! We love shopping (well.. at least, most of us does) and therefore, some discounts is just great.. Coz it means : a. we can buy more stuffs  or b. it reduce our guilt for buying things that we dont really need :))

  • 6. Salon & spa 

Girls like to feel pretty.. pretty face, smooth skin, wonderful hair. And why we love it soo much ? well.. there are so many reasons for this..  : a. we love to take care of ourselves  b. we enjoy the admiration from others (including girls) to our physical beauty c. to relax and feel healthier (coz the massage offered at spa is just great!) or d. to attract boys :))

  • 5. Cats and soft-fur animals

Cats are cute, and soft.. And therefore, even if cats are vile, sinister creature that would claw you in your sleep and get mad if you did not enable their self-indulgent lifestyle and provide their foods, girls still love them. We think its soooo cute and pretty (some of them actually have a pretty eyes 😉 ) Also, perhaps its a way for us to remember our childhood, where we used to keep tons of cats, dogs, hamster, rabbit doll in our bed?

  • 4. Romantic comedy

 Though girl often use romantic comedy as a tool to check the willingness of potential suitor to put up with the honor of sitting next to them, many girls are watching it alone too. So why girls love romantic comedy? Girls love the idea of “love”, and happy ending story, just like the fairy tales that their parents read for them when they were small..  Another reason? Girls enjoy the good-looking actors in the movie :))

  • 3. Chocolate & ice cream

Chocolate & ice cream, and anything sweet cheer us up coz it increase our blood sugar. Make us feel good, especially when our hormonal thingy is not in a best shape:))  Beside, who does not love anything delicious? 😉

  • 2. Fashion & shoes 

Women loves fashion, coz style and elegant clothes not only make us looks pretty, but it also as a statement of our personality. Thats why, women dress differently from one another. Also, good fabric and cutting can make us shine and flatter our beauty. Wrong dress.. in the other hand, can make goddess looks like just came up from the antique shop, or perhaps just finish hunting swan :)) Compare this stunning Anne Hathaway (right) vs Sophia Loren (left) in her worst dress.

Women own so many shoes (started from the ballet flat-shoes, wedges, marie-jane, to pump shoes and 9 cm-12 cm stiletto). We love shoes soo much coz its keep our figure standing elegantly. Also, it can put more height to make us look slimmer :))

  • 1. Boys..

Well.. despite how much girl does not understand boys, girls still love them. Why? perhaps because difference is what makes things interesting. Like a yin and yang. it completes them 🙂 

Ok. thats all folks 🙂  Hope this is useful :)) And, well.. this things may not applied to all girls. it can be different from one to another 🙂 For example, there are some girls who loves cars, outdoor adventure, sports,  etc2.  🙂

Cheers, – Nia –

  1. Andjas says:

    Ada yg bener dan ada juga yg gak lho…..
    Girls is also human which different each other 😉

  2. Andjas says:

    main2 juga lah ke blog awa

  3. qonita says:

    paling setuju ama no 3 dan 5..:D
    klo yg no…itu biar ngirit baju ni..
    klo berat stabilkan g perlu beli baju baru gara2 kekecilan ato kesempitan 😀
    klo soal bling-bling..eike lebih suka emas batangan kkk

  4. timothy says:

    I have never understood why women love cats. Cats are independent, they don’t listen, they don’t come in when you call, they like to stay out all night, and when they’re home they like to be left alone and sleep. In other words, every quality that women hate in a man, they love in a cat.

  5. Wesly says:

    where are the flowers, money, and rayuan gombal?

  6. wendude says:

    comment for no 7.

    I somehow believe that women have some kind of hidden power that reveals only when they do shopping. I am talking about hours of walking in the mall or shopping center and carrying a lot bags on single hand at the same time. They can do it continuously without break. The bigger the discounts, the more power they can unleash. Amazing…

  7. Winnu Ayi says:

    always still funny and fresh! a good reading before going to sleep.

    hahaha! jewelry & fashion. better not to bring your girl in the mall. check her eyes, bigger and wider than usual. they’ll stare to those stuffs.

  8. Ade Bayu says:

    Next post = 10 things girls dislike?

  9. Comfortably, the article is in reality the sweetest on this worthwhile topic. I fit in with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your upcoming updates. Adding thanks will not just be adequate, for the great lucidity in your writing. I will instantly grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates. Admirable work and much success in your business dealings!

  10. narpen says:

    hahahaha… ternyata memang rame di sini ni..
    bagus kok, bagus.. walaupun nomor prioritasnya bisa diacak untuk banyak orang.
    btw bagian bling2, rasanya gw ga gtu deh.. (males aja ngebayangin berlian gw jatoh karena gw-nya ceroboh). setuju ama teh qonit aja deh..

  11. agfa says:

    nice inpoh,,,
    beberapa emang gw temuin pada diri cewek,,,
    ada juga yang nggak,,,
    jadi tergantung juga,,,
    tapi poin2nya umum,,,

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