Once in a while, every one of us may feel sappy and melancholic. Probably either from hormonal thingy, or.. the situation surrounding ourselves force us somehow to think deeper than usual…

For me, as a field engineer, surrounded by a deep blue ocean in offshore rigs provide opportunity to enjoy a silent night, literally. A full moon accompanied by thousands bright stars scattered in the black sky, and other rigs or barges light sparklings from far, creates an image of fireflies coloring the darkest line and the elegant movement of ocean waves is what ive seen. All, somehow always create such a perfection timing for thinking about the simplicity of life.. and how actually wonderful life is.

Indeed.. life is beautiful.

Whenever u flipped through ur past ages.. All that u can remember vividly, is how happy we were.. Whether in ur holiday events, birthday party, or simply daily routine u did together with ur closest companions and friends. Not the saddest moments of our life! Not the sorrow.

And to celebrate the beautiful of life, i want to share some of the top quotes from our dearest novels. All that has made me think in a more positive ways.. or even a tipping point where i can see stuffs from different angle, and find our own interpretations of what life truly are..

So.. here goes the list (PS : sorry for those of you who must suffer as the result of my melancholicity and jazzy :p –)

  • “Here is my secret. It is very simple. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye”

  • “Isn’t it splendid to think of all the things there are to find out about? It just makes me feel glad to be alive–it’s such an interesting world. It wouldn’t be half so interesting if we know all about everything, would it? There’d be no scope for imagination then, would there?” – Anne of Green Gables
  • “In a word, I was too cowardly to do what I knew to be right, as I had been too cowardly to avoid doing what I knew to be wrong.” – Charles Dickens, Great Expectations
  • “Love almost replaces thought. Love is a burning forgetfulness of everything else” & ” With eyes closed is the best way to look at the soul.” – Les Miserables, Victor Hugo

  • “Remember Red, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good things ever dies” & “Fear can hold you prisoner, hope can set you free” – The Shawshank Redemption (stephen king novel : Rita Hayworth and Shawshank)

  • “The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.” – Noah, The Notebook

Ok.. thats all i can share with rite now 🙂


  1. Artha says:

    Aku tambahin quote faveku yah: “Do whatever you want, but I am still Rome” (Elizabeth Gilbert, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’) 😀

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