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Posted: March 6, 2010 in people, Something funny
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Ok.. as a request from some people who already read about top 10 things girls like i posted before, i did a little research and got some input from my buddies about stuffs that guy are crazy about.

Hope this provide enough information and data for all the ladies out there who have been trying to figure out about the other species that share the same earth with us, a.k.a guys.

PS : This just for entertainment only yach.. 🙂 There is no purpose to offend anyone :p

So.. lets check the list!!

10. Crazy about movies

Yes.. Men loves watching movies! Especially those with actions involving kicking some ass, punching & shooting stuffs around (no wonder that war movies, 300 and most of Quentin Tarantino’s films are creating million bucks and very popular amongst guys). Add some shed of blood there, and voila! Men are starring non-stop on the screen and got so excited like a little puppy when seeing a piece of meat.

Also.. they love to watch funny comedy! Even remember its funny quotes and mimic some of the famous dialogue. How many of your guy friend ever parodying Samuel L Jackson quotes from Snakes in a plane ? (“Enough is Enough! I hate this motherf**kin snake in this motherf**kin plane!”).

However though.. (Remember this carefully!!), men got soo allergic towards sappy romantic drama (well.. at least 90% of them). So.. NEVER EVER BRING UR DATE TO WATCH SAPPY ROMANTIC MOVIE ON YOUR FIRST DATE!!!! You want to know the reasons why?? Well.. lets face it. Sappy romantic comedy is BORING! PREDICTABLE, and unrealistic in many ways..

So, if you wanna know whether a guy interested or not to you girl, ask them to watch a romantic drama. If they say yes..then u can be quite certain that they are into you. They wouldnt want to suffer a sappy drama unless they have a different agenda:)

9. football

Either watching it, or doing it, most of guys love football. Perhaps for girls this is quite funny as we often did not get what is the excitement on 22 guys (10 player and 1 goalkeeper for each team) chasing over 1 single ball and try to score at opponent’s net in a 90 minutes match.

However though, actually myself is a big fans of AC Milan and Liverpool (well.. of course still weighting more on Milan) and from my own amusement over football is the uncertainty of win or lose on each match. No matter how great the players you have, sometimes if they f**ked up, they just screw the whole things and u will lose. The strategy plays a great deal in football, and the teamwork is even greater. Also.. its always awesome to see some great players (like Christiano Ronaldo or Kaka) do their techy cool stuffs and suppeeerrrr accurate shoot.

8. Obsessed about Six packs 🙂

Just like girls obsessed of having a super thin sliced body, men also obsessed with having a nice six packs abs. They know girl loves it (just admit it girls.. Who doesnt?? :p ) and its also a great pride over other guys if they have a nicer muscle. Thats y, they want and highly determine to spend hours in a gym doing a cardio training and weightlifting 🙂

7. Foods

Men loves foods and most of them eats a lot!! Burgers, Pizzas, chocolates. Just name it! As long as its not 100% grass, they will eat it :p My classmates in highschool even loves to make a junk pile or a volcano of rice in their plates and compete with others to each as much as they can.

Thats why, there is a saying that if you want to tame a guy’s heart, do it with his stomach! Cook for them! 🙂

6. Games & Fantasy sports

Not only crazy about real sports, men loves to hang out and do fantasy sports (well.. they definitely practice the muscle of their fingers and eyes though.. but not much of other body parts as i know of.. ) by playing games. Either Wii (well.. this one you can say it burns some callories), PS3, Nintendo DSP, XBOX or arcade games, they’re loving it! They can stay the whole night non-stop just to play COD (Call of Duty), FIFA 09, Bleach, Gear of War or Ragnarok online & Warcraft.

5. Music

Drolling over an i-pod, listening to mp3 songs, sings a song (Though some of them singing it in an soooo out of pitch and make his surrounding suffer over a high-noise environment), and play a music instrument (or even in a band) is a normal or perhaps daily routine for almost every guy i know. Music is their soul!

4. Girls

So sorry to reveal this news to you girl.. but.. yes.. often we will not ranked 1st in things that guy likes!! :)) So, you may wonder what are the items that we must compete with for their attention?? Here it goes!! :p

3. Cars

A nice red ferrari is super sexy for them! or.. a tough looking Harley Davidson. Cars or motors is their soulmate. Often, they even tends to be more loyal to their cars rather than a girl! And has more patience to handle them. :))

I agree that cars or motors are really beautiful & sexy. Sometimes even really creative and the design is just genius. But what is really make them love those stuff a lot? I am not so sure.. but probably.. the engine sounds and the high speed that car offer is creating an adrenaline rush that are exciting for them. Also.. men loves to be in control (who doesnt anyway??), and cars are much easy to control than anything else! I mean.. just put the gas on, shift the gear and hit the road! As simple as that.

Also.. it can be modified to match with the owner’s personality.Put some Nox tube, do lil modification, put a wide bumper, install a loud banging subwoofer and paint it with a certain design, and surely whoever ride that sexy car will got attention from other road user! And.. guys love it :))

2. Gadgets

Most guy are techy savvy and loves to play with their gadgets. Whether it is an i-pod, blackberry cellphone, laptop, macbook, dslr camera, video cam, etc. . They love to accessorize themselves with those stuffs and got the mosttt update gadgets. Not only that.. they love to explore the features of those items, and guaranteed… many of them has, at least once, strip those items and do some trouble shooting.

1. Competition

Guys love to compete.. in almost every possible ways. Whether in job, money, power, or even silly stuffs like how many sausages they can eat within 10 minutes.. or how loud they can burb, or how goof they can be.They just love to compete. But guess thats what makes life interesting. Win some, lose some. 🙂

Ok.. thats all folks. Let me know if you have other opinions that can be shared 😉 Any comments are welcome! 🙂


  1. yajin says:

    I like to think that guy is a simple human being..
    We just love to be on matter what the games :p

  2. Dolly Sillitti says:

    Hi! Your post rocks and is a really nice read!

  3. Winnu Ayi says:

    hahaha! nice post. i suggest you to be a writer than an engineer in the sea-shore.

    boys love car because it is a symbol of MACHO!

    only half who loves movie. and most of them who watch movie definitely prefer action/horror/thriller movie because MACHO.

    food? hmm not really, otherwise women loves it much more

  4. Andjas says:

    Boys love football more than six pack or food. That`s the truth. Right Win???

  5. Hahaha,

    may I ask you something, are you a guy or girl?

    because you talk like you love those 10 things in your list yourself. :p

    and I agree, guys like competition. no doubt about it.

  6. sofia07 says:

    @ all : thanks:) Well.. men can live without football, but not food :p

    @ syafiq : To be honest, only #4 and #8 are stuffs that i dont like :p And yeah.. i heard the same questions like that a lot!

  7. Soham says:

    spot on 🙂

  8. narpen says:

    hahahaha.. really nice post. so definitely i’m not a man^^
    btw, i’m super-agree with ur comment in #10.

  9. Henry W says:

    Like this..
    ups,that’s for another page :p

    do you realize that #7 and #8 are opposed each other. that means we only dream to have a six pack.
    how come you can forget bout this, since you experience it.

  10. dlouvey says:

    like this note…
    u miss one important thing!!man really like sexy girls n also like,anime & manga,etc….hehe:P

  11. wendude says:

    no 6 is absolutely right..hehehe

  12. Jeffrey Nurhakim says:

    I think no.2 is absolutely absolutely right… gw bangeettttt…. wkwkwkwk…

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