5 Things that always make my day:)

Posted: March 9, 2010 in people
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Well.. sometimes life feel so suck. Just like a wheel, there are times when we are on top of the world.. but there will also be a time when we are down at the center of the earth. So… how do we overcome all the bad stuffs that happening in our life, but yet.. still feel happy and smiley no matter how hard ur life is?

Here are some of the tips 🙂

  • Never pity yourself because problems and challenges are there to make us stronger 🙂

Sometimes.. life does not move like the way we would like it to be.. But often.. it turns out to be one of the best thing ever happened to us. Sure it is bitter as a medical pill, but it makes us healthier, stronger and hell yeah, rock and roll!

For example.. i was soooooo sad when at first i apply for an exchange program to one of the university in Japan, and i didnt get it at my first shot (and if some of you wondering did i ever cry? Yes i did!!!! A bunch of tissue roll as a victim of my tearburst!!) Then.. i tried again for the second available options, and it turns out… become a student there was one of the best year in my life! Perhaps, if i got into the first option as i want before, i wouldnt have the craziest and the most unforgettable moments i ever had in Tohoku university!

If i got accepted at the other program, i wouldnt have learned how much i love running, midnight walking, karaoke (who thought doing the barbie doll song – “im a barbie girl, in a barbie world.. ” with my guy friend doing the barbie’s voice and me doing the Ken’s voice will be soo much fun), biking, travelling & backpacking, cooking (Yeah!!! though for some of u its hard to believe, i did cook though :p ), and some stuffs that i wouldnt imagine i ever experienced!!

I joined a hip-hop dance club, doing archery, watch horror movies every single nite (i was forced actually, to open my eyes and witnessed some of the scariest moment of horrors by Sadako, One missed call and many more!! Literally!! i was forced!! and as such.. quite immune with horror afterward), being chased by hornets in a remote area while mountain hiking (in a seem abandoned village that just perfectly depicted a horror movie!! and we also ended up in a used-to-be a sightseeing place with a small fountain and clean blue river but a toilet for visitor is highly invaded by hundreds – yes, im not exaggerating here!! – hundreds of spider and disgusting insects!!). I would not experienced onsen (hotspring – really famous & u should try it at least once if you go ther!!), eating the weirdest seafood ever (sea urchin, starfish), and most importantly… finding some of the true friendships that i am really grateful to ever have, and i wish will last long forever..

All those had make my day a wonderful one there 🙂 and had.. in many ways.. creates “me”. It changed a whole lots of my point of view.. Things that i thought really matter before (e.g. getting a straight As in my college grade just because it looks nice and i am such a perfectionista), suddenly seems not so important! What is matter.. is not the quantity.. but the quality of time. Lots of the greatest lesson you ever get, is not from the textbook, but actually.. from meeting people.. share their experience and have people that truly respect and love you no matter how weird or silly you are!

Also… as my mom & dad often told me.. Problems, or challenges are there to make us grow and stronger. Without it.. we will never force ourselves to grow, develop and climb higher and higher. Do you think most of the great people in history are those who always have an easy life?? NO!! WRONG !!

Many of them started with a bitter life experience, even since they were a child! You know that the founding father Abraham Lincoln used to be a veryyy pooor child? Do you know that Obama’s parents are separated? Problems shapening ourselves. Just like a butterfly. When they are still a larva, they fast for a month before they can become a butterfly.

And as such.. we should be grateful if we have a challenge or problem ahead. Coz it means that God still care with us and want us to grow bigger and bigger 🙂 Be a climber! Dont stop 🙂 and even if you think you are in a misery.. sometimes its not. Sometimes.. it meant to be that way, coz only God knows what best for us.

  • Always grateful for whatever we have!

Its a human nature to always dissatisfied with whatever they have and always looking forward to have more and more. But even so.. more is never enough 🙂

However.. we should be grateful with whatever we have, coz actually… often our misery is much smaller than others! And yet.. if they still can smile to the world, there is no excuse that we cant do the same things too.

Thats y, i wanna go to Cambodia sometimes.. because.. i heard from one of the world’s traveller (my friend’s husband) that there.. he saw several half blind guy with only one leg at street but still smile and looks happy no matter how poor he is. I want to learn from that country.. of how to be grateful. Coz actually, every single second that we breath, is a gift from God.

Coz Life itself is the greatest gift of all.

  • Pay it forward & share with others 🙂

Do you know the movie Pay it forward? its an old movie where a boy dream of how to make the world a better place. And then, he came up with the idea to help 3 people – none of them he really knew – , to get happiness.

In the end… he did helped them get their happiness, and there is no bigger happiness than the feeling that you can help other. Though how small it it.. 🙂 Indeed.. this is true. I feel most happy when i can help someone.

In addition.. i remember one most memorable quote from my Korea-American friend. He said : “There is no success unless you help others surround you. And there shouldnt be any reason for not helping others, nor delay helping them. If you dont have money, help them by using your muscle! Dont wait till you get rich before you help others, coz trust me.. you will never feel rich enough! Help them whenever possible!”

  • Though the pit bulls barking and blocking your way, you have to move fast… with your ferrari!

There is a saying in Bahasa : Anjing menggonggong, kafilah berlalu (dogs barking, people continue going). It means that.. sometimes (or perhaps always), there are people who will not happy with what we achieve or get (i definitely pity them.. and i pray that i wont be that low). They will saying bad stuffs or demotivate you. However though.. you shouldnt listen to them and continue going. Move on!

“Imagine them as a pitbull barking…

just leave them and drive ur ferrari fast! 🙂

I modify that phrase a little. Though pit bulls barking, i will continue moving with my Ferrari! 🙂 Dont listen to bad stuffs! stay positive and keep going my friend 🙂

  • “With a great power, comes a great responsibility” – Spiderman

Just like what the uncle of Peter Parker (thats the name, i guess.. ), with a great power, comes a great responsibility. And thats actually one of my motivation in life. Everything i did.. should not be for myself.. but for others. My achievement, or my position, or my success is not for me.. but it should be leveraged to help others. Thats y.. whenever i feel down, i told myself to keep going! keep climbing.. coz you should! Coz you can help more people if you are influential! Coz you can help more people if you are richer!

with great power, comes great responsibility

Thats y i admire Muhammad Yunus alot.. , because with his idea of Grameen Bank, many people are now being lifted from poverty. and i admire Greg Mortenson too! He builds school for girls in the world’s most remote area in Pakistan & Afghanistan mountains 🙂 And i love Gandhi! For his admirable love on people & peace:)

Ok. thats all folks 🙂

PS : Hehe.. To be honest.. it tooks me times to think whether or not i write something like this. I am not a so-extrovert person. In fact, im quite reserved and introvert. However.. one of my resolution this year is to be more honest and warm to people.. and one way to achieve it is by writing what i really think. and share what i really feel 🙂 Hehe.. Please feel free to share ur thoughts too 🙂 We are all here to learn, and i’ll be more than happy if you share with us as well 🙂

  1. eng says:

    Nice… ^ ^, the worsen your condition the stronger you are, iff (if only) you have the spirit within you. keep writing….

  2. Hey this is a great article. I’m going to email this to my friends. I stumbled on this while surfing for some music videos, I’ll be sure to visit regularly. thanks for sharing.

  3. Lory Coloma says:

    How often do you write your blogs? I enjoy them a lot 4 1 2

  4. KaEl says:

    Jadi semangat abis baca artikel ini…”maju tak gentar hehe”…
    Mau sundul nih..kali aja tertarik:

    sama anak LaaTahzan juga mau bikin perpus..perpustakaan untuk kelompok belajar ar-rahman (anak-anak pemulung bantar gebang).
    Japri kalo tertarik 🙂 It is time to act..so totally agree with you…

  5. Хорошо написано!

  6. vityayhov says:

    С наступающим праздником Пасхи!!!

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