Its been a rollercoaster ride! – part 1 : Abu Dhabi –

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi all,

I am currently writing this blog in the small slots on my 12 hours of transit at Dubai airport before being packed and sent to Siberrrria and would like to ask for all of ur kindness to wish me a best of luck ๐Ÿ™‚ But before that.. lemme share a bit of whats goin on with me ๐Ÿ™‚

These days my life has been like riding in a rollercoaster! So, i started new year with new job. I left my previous job to join the big Blue (Schlumberger), as a wireline engineer in mid-january. Soon afterwards, i got to go to Abu Dhabi for a 1 week introduction and meet many new friends from various nationalities and different segments.ย  There are people from Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico, Australian, USA, Russia, and of course.. India, China and Indonesia. Its pretty kewl though and we certainly got a lot of fun. Not much studying yet.. and almost all nights we either go out for dinner, mall or just chill out.

At the end of that short course, suddenly i got a news. Apparently, all The Wireline need to be at Abu Dhabi for another 2 weeks to join PEPTEC-0 (For those of you wondering what is PEPTEC, its an abbreviation of PEople and TEChnology – FYI, here we abbreviates almost everything :p – PEPTEc 0 is a short course for wireline engineer). This was when we actually being introduced to the logging stuffs and what actually a wireline engineer do:) Everything was so much fun, especially the people in the class (all of them are just superr nice & unique & funny, each in its way -).ย  But it wasn’t easy either, and we should handle our job with careful and high awareness as we are dealing with radioactive, pressure, etc.ย  But no worries, there will be SOP and proper risk mitigation to ensure the highest safety standard applied ๐Ÿ™‚

During the PEPTEC-0, we did our first logging, winch driving, act as an engineer & operator, do some rig up equipment, and stripped down then built up again some of the basic equipment used in The Wireline. We study hard (at least.. i like to think we did :p). We were became the most regular canteen customer at dinner time (in fact, it just open for dinner merely because of us.. or the PEPTEC-1 students), and we did spend a night or two at our dearest beloved learning center. There was even a time when all of us stay late till 3 am to do the winch driving exercises and all the weird stuffs start to happen. People sing various songs from different countries – Tong Hua, Arabian songs, christmas jingles, etc. People play ping-pong (table tennis) at midnight and fall asleep infront of our laptops. All ends happily coz the next day, our dearest instructor give us a bonus : Sleep for another 3-4 hours during the day!! How awesome!! :p

So yeah.. pretty much during the PEPTEC-0, we are all become a master on how to sleep whenever and wherever (except while standing – though we heard rumours that some people actually can did that). We all got ourself accessorized with funky black safety googles that looks more like from fashion magz rather than oil digest:) We all know how to sleep for 5 seconds (more or less) and not get caught (except perhaps for one of our friend who get caught while doing the winch driving simulation :)) And more importantly, we kinda like wireline:)

Near the end of the course, we, the ladies, have a ladies night out. We went to Lebanese flowers, a super delicious Arabic restaurants located near our apartment (who Karin said that during our time there, we perhaps contribute to ~40-50% increase on their revenue). And yeah.. we spend a night with tons of fun chats, trying sisha (to be honest.. i hateย  cigarettes, but somehow i like shisa! hahaha.. its taste like grape mint, so yeah.. who cant blame if anyone will be fall for that? :p). The result of smoking too much shisha? Me and my roommate ended up wake up late and miss the last bus to our training center the next day! LOL!

Then the last days, we have a super awesome dinner at a place called Shangri-la. Super beautiful!! we can also see the great mosque at the river bank. Its just looks like the one at Aladdin movie ๐Ÿ™‚ We close the night with a wonderful time at the Pearl and Caviar – a cafe which at that time doesnt have other visitors, so practically we are like having a private party there. All of those had left a very good feeling.. and im surely miss them a lot !!

Afterwards.. i flew to Balikpapan, in Borneo, which will be my future base with the Big blue… ๐Ÿ™‚ — Story continued… —

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