Sunset in Siberia

Posted: March 26, 2010 in travel, Uncategorized
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Hi all,

Siberia was apparently, super cold! Usual morning, we wake up in a -8 deg C environment, and sometimes… if we are lucky.. it can goes up to -20 C! Which is.. a point where ur finger and lips get numb in a 30 second or so 🙂 Its also very slippery and icy to walk around.

However though… the snow and sunset here is really beautiful, like some of the pics i took below.

Despite the extreme logging environment (to a point where almost everyone swearing for the cold and icy tools a lot!), and the repetitive foods (same menu for almost every single meal!!) yesterday, we were lucky enough to witness a phenomenon like an aurora in the sky at midnight during our logging preparation 🙂 All… somehow feel really worth it.

  1. cool… errr, or should i say coold 😀

    ‘being able to see aurora’ vs ‘extreme cold’? i think it’s worth it

  2. MLC, all yellow, STC, all white, KLC, all big 😀

  3. Winnu Ayi says:

    are you making a movie? siberia only i heard from movie. not in the real life.

  4. KaEl says:

    gw nyerah..lah kalo disuruh ksana ..mantap lah..berpetualang di Siberia hihi…
    it is completely the opposite here..warm..sunny ..just with a bit of sand in the air (sandstrom maksdunya hehe)..
    Makan yg banyak Bu…org2 sana butuh makan banyak biar tahan dingin 🙂

  5. qonita says:

    aurora? cool 😀
    so which is the aurora pic from all the pics u upload? 😀

    • sofia07 says:

      hehe.. unfortunately, i wasnt able to capture the aurora moment with my camera 🙂 But.. it was really beautiful. Feel like in a whole different dimension Qon:) Hows korea? 🙂

      • qonita says:

        its getting warm ^^
        n maybe this week, it will be cherry blossom week in seoul area 😀
        love this weather…

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