Funny things about surviving cold

Posted: April 1, 2010 in people, travel
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Hi all, whats upppp? 🙂

Here is now getting warm (-4 or -2C i guess.. ) and yeah.. we start seeing snow melting but after several hours, reformed again as a crystallize ice.  So… hopefully in the next days, there will be no more -20C or -15C situation..

So yeah, some of u may wonder, how can we (especially those from tropical sunny countries) can survive in such weather? well.. here is what funny stuffs that we do here regarding surviving the cold :

  • Everyone wearing lip balm and body lotion almost every single hours! – Not only girls, but also guys. The extreme cold here makes our lips and skin goes numb and dry!! U know how snakes got its skin changed ? Yeah.. just exactly like that! so to prevent it, we are all become such a baby:) Put tons of lotions (nivea is such a hot item for us rite now. ITs the new black) and bring lip balm, everywhere! Even Paris Hilton may not so often renew her lip balm as us :p
  • Wearing funny earmuff / beannie (hats with furs) and transform ourself into a ball – Yeah.. to survive the cold, the key is to prevent urself from losing ur body heat. So, put an earmuff or beannie, packed with layered of shirt, sweater, warm jacket and then thick coat, wear a scarf, etc:) Then you are good to go!
  • Secret fashion :  thermal body suit just the one that looks like a diver clothes & balaclava (like a robber mask but made for ski which we wish will be looks cool, but.. naaah.. And its end usually got frozen and makes us somehow seems related to alien or whatever

    Thermal mask

  • Utilize your friend as a windbreaker! So yeah.. for those of you who was small enough to be getting lifted or pushed by the winter wind (yeah.. i am one of those!), stand closely behind ur much bigger friend to avoid the wind. They are such a perfect wind breaker in this kind of weather :p (Just kidding.. 😉 )
  • Eat…  a LOT!!! – Eats, eats and eats! All is about a race of how much you can burn ur body fats or..  getting frozen!
  • Run, jump, walk! Basically move all the time!!  If you are moving, u will getting warm. and thats y, people might wonder what are bunch of bunnies doing in frozen siberia jumping around wellsite?? Well.. thats not rabbits, or baby polar bears! thats probably us trying to move and get warm while rig up :p
  • Actively searching for heater – Yeah.. all of us are actively searching for heaters. Just like fireflies, where the heat comes, we will be around. And funny thing is.. coz the weather was soooo friggin cold, that you feel ur feet numb and frozen, people will put off their shoes and getting their feet (and socks) as close as possible to the heater.. And yeah… sometimes, resulting a nice fragrance that you wont forget…  or dont wanna encounter anymore :p

Anyway.. thats just a jokes.. Though 99% of it was based on facts ;p


  1. Thanh Luhrs says:

    Hey very nice blog!!….I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular….See ya

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