Up in the air – 2009

Posted: April 19, 2010 in movies
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I just recently watched this movie “Up in the air” , starring George Clooney as Ryan Bingham. Ryan worked in a company that is hired for firing people. So basically..when the rationalization of employee is required (especially during the global crisis in mid 2008-2009), but the boss doesn’t have the balls to tell the employee themselves, Ryan will chip in and deliver the news. So Ryan, in daily basis, travel around the country firing people.

He is pretty much living an empty space with his suitcase. Though he has an apartment in omaha, but basically its just a name as he travel 320 days a year.. He loves the flying part of it, and thought that its the best part of the job. His goal is to get 10 million miles as so far only 6 people had ever achieved that (ps.. if u imagine how far is that.. well.. earth to the moon is ~250k miles).
Ryan practically doesnt relate himself to any possible human relationship, nor he is close to his sisters. He basically just floating around.

All of this suddenly change when the company hires a new employee, named Nathalie, recently graduated from Cornell. She introduced new concept for the company where people no longer need to fly to deliver the bad news. They will use teleconference for that. Ryan of course against this new concept as he thought Nathalie doesnt understand the nature of the business. To accommodate this, his boss assigned Nathalie to accompany Ryan in the job so that Ryan can teach her.

This changed Ryan’s life as he embarks on the journey of questioning the way he lived so far… and to value and mend the broken relationship he had with his sisters.

This movie is light, heart-warming and nicely acted. George Clooney give one of his best performance as Ryan Bingham. Anna Kendrick as well as Natalie. Both of this 2 main actors have engaged strongly in changing others belief. And there was a twisted plot that i didnt see it coming near the end. Its not typical drama. Its explore the richness of human emotion and the difficulties for some people to relate themselves to others. Its also help us to value the importance of family and people that matter to us. A perfect movie about self discovery.

I would recommend you to watch this movie on ur leisure time.. By far.. i will give score of 7 out of 10. Definitely wayyyyy better than watching New Moon! (Yeah, and im not kidding! Sorry for all Rob Pattinson’s fans out there)

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