Last year i was amazed by one awesome photograph cover of National Geographic picturing a giant crystal cave in Mexico.  The cave was accidentally found at a coal mining site in Naica, Chihuahua (A city of where the name of  famous chihuahua dog’s — the dog that paid by Paris Hilton to accompany her everywhere and dressed in silly and stupid clothes — is derived from :p).

PS : for further info of naica, check out

One friend of mine in Wireline was actually came from this city and told me that he’s been to this place, and witness this magical giant crystal himself! (im so envyyyyy!!) Unfortunately though.. the place is now closed for visitors.. And as such.. i soon googling about top 10 amazing places on earth that i still can visit.. (of day).. and here goes the list 🙂 (PS: u should visit these places toooo someday)

  • The Hell’s door – Turkmenistan

The door to hell located at nearby town of Darvaza, Turkmenistan, is a 70 meter crater that has been burning non-stop for .. 35 years!!! It was found in early 1970s when geologist drilled for gas deposits and accidentally uncovered this cavern which causing the ground on top of it collapse and eating all of their equipments & camp.  As it contains poisonous gas, the geologists does not dare to go down and recover their tools. They were hoping the gas will burnt out in several days and they can continue drilling. but nope!! they miscalculated the amount of gas trapped there and till now.. this door to hell still burning..

  • Rotorua, New Zealand

A city in NZ, Rotorua is famous for its geyser and boiling mud pools. This thermal activity caused by Rotorua caldera. A top adventure destination, this city also a heart of Maori culture.

  • Great blue hole of Belize

A deep circle-like cavities found throughout the Bahamas & national waters of Belize, blue holes are often also the entrance gate to cave networks (some up to 14 km length!!).  A heaven for divers who have reported enormous amount of aquatic creatures  (sometimes new species!!), these holes also has chambers filled with stalactites & stalagmites as well (which usually only available at dry caves!!). A must see if you by any chance near Bahamas or Belize 🙂

  • Eyes of Africa, Mauritania

From outer space, this mysterious depression shaping like an eyes of a man, located in Sahara desert was a richat structure (whatever does that mean!!) that some scientists believe caused by the symmetrical uplifting of underlyging geology that created a dome shape.  Which is now became visible due to a millennia of erosion.

  • Socotra, Yemen

If you wanna have a taste of how probably the original habitat of our dearest ET looks like, go to Socotra in Yaman. People said it is one of the most alien-looking place on earth! You wanna know why? check this out!

  • The Wave (Arizona-Utah, USA)

This stunning red rocks formation made from sand dunes, located somewhere between Arizona & Utah. Awesome place to hike that accessible only on foot by walking for 3 km (not bad huh?) but unfortunately highly regulated.. So, if u wanna visit this gorgeous beauty, just ensure u made ur reservations up front!

  • Gruta do lago azul, Brazil (blue lake)

Blue lake, Brazil

What can i say to describe this blue lake?? Its simply take my breath away!

  • Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de uyuni, Bolivia

One of the most amazing place on earth, Salar de Uyuni has the following set: World’s largest salt desert, active volcano, geyser flats, tall cacti island!

  • Antelope Canyon, Arizona

antelope canyon

Most photographed canyon in the world. This canyon located in Navajo, Arizona.

  • Stone forest, Shillin, Yunan, China

Walking at this stone forest, visitor will be wowed by the awesome structure that this formation created in a labyrinth-like vistas.

stone forest, china

Ok.. thats all folks..

Please lemme know if there are other awesome places that need to be included in this list 🙂


  1. tambahin satu, myplace! u have to visit 😀

  2. Jean says:

    Simply amazing! Thanks for sharing. By the way, I would like to invite you to Iceland and experience the breathtaking sceneries and activities like kayaking, hiking and midnight golf playing. I have the best Iceland hotels ready for you! Enjoy!

  3. limewire says:

    lmao nice info dude.

  4. dlouvey says:

    nia check it out place is really amazing

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