Moscow, Wow!

Posted: May 29, 2010 in travel
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So, in the middle of our 3 months staying at Tyumen learning all stuffs about wireline, our dearest instructors was considerate enough to give us 3 days off. And.. as a result, we run away to check out Moscow 🙂 A decision that later they regret coz half of the class definitely using up the most of those days off and planning back at 4.40 am on the same day as the class begin… (which start at 9 am :p).

So, we got a chance to take a bite of how Moscow really taste.. And we totally totally fall in love with this awesome city. And here are the reasons :

1. Amazing architectural design!

Marching at the Red square is said to be one of the thing we should do (if possible) before we die.. Along with the famous Tiananmen square, Eiffel, and Egypt’s Pyramid.  And.. its true!! I was simply wowed by its richness color and details of all the buildings at kremlin & red square. Soo beautiful. I feel like we are in a fantasy land, trapped in a history where the times stopped and just stayed ther.  Very breathtaking..

2. Strikingly beautiful underground subway

With this beautiful and easily understood subway, roaming around Moscow is a great experience.

3. Nice cars everywhere

Russia has emerged as one of the country with the fastest growing number of millionaires. Our city tour guide even boast that the number of luxury cars sold in Russia alone beat those europe combined together. He also mentioned that Moscow, as the primary choice of home for those socialites, experienced tremendous increase in the property price. Before, it was really cheap and government support them financially to afford a descent apartment. But nowadays, on certain exclusive areas, the price has jumped to about US$50K/m2..

However, the gap of those who have and those who have not.. has not reduced. Ironically, its even wider than ever. A typical problem that often happen on fast growing (economically speaking) developing countries.

Anyway.. Moscow.. as the home of those millionnaires, exhibit a great number of luxury cars running around, adding the beauty of the city itself :p

And some those rich people, prefer something more “macho”, like these yummy motorbike..

But, ordinary cars are still “in” as well 🙂 Some even use as a creative ads.

4. Rich traditional cultures

Russians embrace their cultures. In every possible ways. And for me, its not considered old-fashion at all. In fact, its just hillarious. Like these Obama, putin and even MJ’s ceramic doll.

Also.. These lovely russian’s dolls and miniature of Kremlin and the cathedral are just soooo cute that its never gonna considered out-of-date!

5. High Nationalism

Though WW2 has ended more than 60 years ago, Russia still embrace their victory over the Nazi with a great sentimentality and proud, which i think beautiful and totally understandable. I mean.. after all, Russia plays a very important role in WW2. They slashed ~25% of Nazi forces strength. And Battle of Stalingrad (depicted in movie Enemy of The Gates with Jude Law as Vassily (which actually a real person! Check wikipedia and you will know!)), is one of the greatest war ever… Its victory, heroic and patriotism is something that we need to remember.. They able to push Nazi back.. although it must be paid with a very expensive price… 1 million casualties from Russian side.. And even more from their enemy..

Feeling the same excitement as our fellow Russians, and since most of us   love weapons & military stuffs, and even love Counter strike more — which btw, i recommend you not to try.. coz its very awesome and addictive, lol –,   we decided to visit war museum in our last day at Moscow. And it makes my heart melt with tears..

Though the victory belong to Russia, it does not taste sweet at all. After all, there is no winner or loser in a war. Everybody lose…  They lose sons, daughters, parents, and friends in war.. And this is why Russians still celebrate and remember that event…To be grateful, that we live in a peace. A privillege that did not belong to those who live during ww2..

6. Home to great artists

Russia, and moscow in particular, is a home of the some notable novelists ever. Its a birthplace of Fyodor Doystoevsky,  a great novelist who write Crime and Punishment and War and Peace.  Both novel are a must-read as it is beautifully written and emotionally rich.

Russia, also the place where our Leo Tolstoy, the man behind Anna Karenina born.  It is also a place where drama Sea Gull created.

Wonder why there are so many great artists came from Russia? The country itself is so beautiful that it is inspire their artists to create such tremendeous great artworks…  For example, this monastery that inspire the creation of Swan Lake.

Well.. thats pretty much how moscow tastes .. 🙂

Just exactly like what Scorpion sings ” i follow the moskwa, down to Gorky park. Listening to the wind of change.. “, i highly recommend you guys to visit this beautiful city. Moskwa, or moscow. Simply wow!!

One hell of a trip that super awesome and i wont forget, nor regret. Although we didnt make it back on time to Tyumen.. (where we should be back ~4.40 am..). The weather was sooo bad that they delayed every flights from Moscow, and we were still at the airport till 4 a.m., and arrived exactly at 8.30 am in Tyumen.. (which of course… adding 1 hour travel from airport to our class, make us late by ~30 minutes and being welcomed by the angry face of our instructor, whom we also waken up at 2 am before just to deliver message that we will be late.. :p ).

our flight is probably the first trial from all other Russian airlines to see if they can actually land in such bad weather. This is realized by us due to the fact that the flight before us was delayed till 8 a.m. (even more than us), and the fact that we spend ~40 minutes flying above tyumen just to land. And when we land, it was a rough one that everyone starts clapping their hands appraising the marvellous skill and courage of the pilot to be the pioneer to fly. Lol..

  1. dlouvey says:

    wow Moskwa is awesome,im so envy with u…nia

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