I am an artoholic and proud of it

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Arts
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So.. i just read this book entitled ” My name is Charles Saatchi and i am an artoholic” . This book was about some collection of interview with Mr. Saatchi, the founder of global ads agency Saatchi & Saatchi, and also.. happened to be one of the most prominent art collector.  In that book, there is one particular view regarding art which i found it quite hillarious.

He said “I believe God must be very disappointed in his handiwork. Mankind has clearly failed to evolve much in all these years; We’re still as cretinous and barbaric as we were many centuries ago, and poor God must spent all day shaking his head at our vileness and general ineptitude. Or perhaps, we might just give him a good laugh. But of course, i hope God likes our art enough to forgive us – “.

Pretty much agreed with him, art is something that worth to be addicted to (beside movies and good food). But.. unlike Mr. Saatchi that has all the money he can spent on enjoying those finest arts.., i can only either made one myself or.. visiting museums to get my thirst on arts satisfied.

And.. so, i do some paintings. A very amateur ones, but anyway… its something that i loved so much coz i can put whatever i want. Experimenting with a different concepts of arts, trying a new technique in coloring, playing with acrylic, water color or oil on canvas.  And… as a new comer in the world of artoholics, i would like to share some of my personal gallery. Please enjoy it and tolerating it..( Coz.. u now im still a very much just a starter in this world of art :p)  And.. feel free to pass me any critics 🙂

“Flavor of love” – oil on canvas (60 cm x 80 cm)

“Portrait of a lady no. 8” – water color

“Fisherman’s boats” – oil color on sketchbook

“Portrait of a lady no. 7” – pencil on sketchbook

  1. asaputra says:

    i know nothing about painting. but knowing that you could paint amazes me. Another skill? wow….how many skills do you have? more to come? salut! hats down for you.

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