Hop on! Live on the wire.

Posted: February 10, 2011 in people
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As a field engineer in oil and gas industry, we often need to hop on and off from one rig to another to log.  From offshore sea to the remote area in the middle of rain forest to the swamp.  Living no longer become a daily habit, but rather..  a continuous adventure as we are facing surprises by surprises on finding the next assignment, new challenges as well as the rush and pressure on ensuring all the job preparation as well as the job operation itself delivered with a perfection.  Albeit all difficulties, shortages of backup equipment or even number of people/talent needed to perform the job.

Those adrenaline rush in this type of job is such a pleasure that i am grateful to have the chance on living on it. Yes, there was many challenges to be dealt with, often frustrating at a time.  But those are hurdles to make me grow. Its better to crawl on a pain to become a better person rather than living on a such easy life but yet.. little did we know that we are just walking on the exact same spot, over and over again.  Join this type of job make me realize that there are so many things that myself need to work on. For an instance.. on how to deal with people from different culture and background. How to think smart, act fast and right on spot. How to push ourselves to the limit (which.. i have not able to always apply :p). How to never hold myself back and just go out there, give all the best i can.  Screw what people think! Because.. at the end of the day, the progression is what matter.  What we felt about our conducts or acts is what counts.

However.. i think, what i get the most from this field life is the changing on perspective of life. Interestingly,  i found out that family was amongst the top reason of why people are working in this field at the first place.Most of the wireline crews took this job to ensure their family’s welfare.  Yes, they may be far away from their family, sometimes even for 2 weeks straight, and perhaps even months. But their family, children and friends are always on their minds.  Family also the strongest reason on why we should be safe during the job, at anytime, at anywhere! Never deviate or taking shortcuts just for the sake of saving time if it compromises their safety or other people.

I was surprised by their dedication and love towards their family. It is beautiful and heart-warming!I realize it now that i need to shift from the paradigm of working for myself (and by here, i mean also includes $$$ :p ) to a greater purpose. Its also make me realize of how i was blessed with wonderful parents and much loved brother and yet.. i am still not so good in showing the reciprocation of the love that they have gave and always give (sorry mom & dad..  if i was not always reachable by phone, nor calling you guys on daily basis :p.. As i’ve told u dad.. often i got tied infront of the computer for more than 24 hours straight. And its true!!;).Anyway.. i wish that in the future, i can be as loving as they are towards their family. As people said, what good is 1 $Bn, if it can not replace happiness and love.  What good is that amount if we just enjoy it alone and leave any of the owner die alone!

I think, join wireline is one of the good decision ive ever made. It taught me so many things. Not only in the technical aspect, but rather.. on more personal development and get me back right on track of what we should go after in life. I am saying ” money is good! but hey.. there is something more worthy than that!!” . In addition, this job had brought me to enjoy some of the quirky yet fascinating scenery of the other sea’s face. Enjoy 🙂

The ocean and its blue crystal clear water had created this amazing color transformation of lights. Lovely!

Standing on the deck, i never bored to watch over those sparkling reflection on the blue oceans.

These hundreds fish was swimming under the platform, teasing us to catch them. Unfortunately, fishing in the platform is strictly prohibited. So, what we can do so far is just waving them goodbye..  Goodbye our dinner~~

The swirl created by ocean waves, surrounding the platform pipe structure was almost feel like surreal.

Ok.. can you see the big fish?


  1. Ridho St. Palimo Bandaro says:

    Wish one day is not 24 hours if u work in blue corpz..:D

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