Kingdom Animalia

Posted: February 12, 2011 in travel
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I was stumbling over some of the pics that i have took last year and i came across one particular album : Kingdom animalia.  I took this pictures in a pet-market located in Jakarta. It was not a fancy pet shop, but rather a big domestic market where you can find a many types of birds, hamster, rabbits and often… snakes. However, there are also other picture that were taken from the crocodile farms in Balikpapan.  I was really enjoy watching those pics and i want to share it with you all, my friends 🙂

Please enjoy it :

A pair of love bird, which fall under genus “agapornis” . Lovebird is amongst the smallest parrot species.Not only social, but this species also famous for its affectionate character.


Parrots, not only has beautiful wings, but this species also notorious for its skill in impersonating people.

Green snakes. This scary-looking face actually harmless and non-venomous. Mostly insectivorous.

These baby snakes moving very fast. Creating this fascinating image.


These  turtle was having an air bubble that made him looks like wearing a helmet. Very cute 🙂

Though i must say that rat is one animal that i can not stand, but this hamster (which im still having trouble not to categorize it in my enemy list) just so cute with its high-fashion pose.Literally, this hamster was a hearthrob, as whenever i click the camera button, he always stop for pose. Its like the Tyra Banks of the hamster family.

This sour-looking red-headed turtle somehow reminds me of Al-capone.

Koi or also called “nishikigoi” are amongst the longest living vertebrae, with some can reach up to 200 years old. For the owner, koi is also believed to bring good fortune and luck.

And… last but not least, a siberian rabbit. With a pony that is just soooo adorable..





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