Going far east in your cinema’s taste

Posted: July 12, 2013 in movies
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If you like exploring various cultures, and quite open-minded to try understanding different point of view or cinematic art, here is some of the movies you should watch! 🙂 (Why? Because just watching Hollywood movie  is too mainstream :p)

1. Red Cliff 

Red cliff tells a part of the “romance of three kingdom” (208-209 A.D.) where the decisive battle held between Cao Cao’s army versus the coalition of Sun Quan and Liu Bei. Featuring our master of strategy “Zhuge Liang” (which i am still greatly admired due to his amazingly brilliant strategy) and Zhao Yu, this epic naval battle movie is not to be missed! Directed by John Woo, you will be entertained with fascinating visual effects, involving  plot which hard to be guessed on who will eventually win the battle and thrill that wont make you leave your seat. One of the most memorable scene is when they executed the war strategy which was inspired by the turtle’s shell pattern.

2. Ichi ritoru no namida (1 Litre of tears) 

This tv series is live up to its name, because you will definitely going to have 1 litre of tears when watching this entire series. The series tell a story about Aya, a 15 years old girl who was diagnosed with an incurable degenerative disease but still live to her fullest until her time is up…. 😦 As series progressed, we watched her struggles become harder and harder.. but, her remarkable spirit to fight the disease is truly inspiring. It is definitely one of the movie that we should watch to remind ourselves, that does not matter how hard life is, we should always give our best and say yes to life.

3. Death Note 

Taken from a manga with same title, Death Note tells a story about shinigami (God of death) who dropped his book of death (Death Note) in purpose to earth. The book fell into Raito, a 17th year old high school boy. Later on, Raito became “Kira” (Killer – in japanese language) and use the book to execute criminals, in the name of justice. Death note grants its owner with the ability to kill anyone whom they know the name and the face by writing the name in the book and picturing the face of their target. The movies centered around Kira’s effort to clean the world and his fight against L, a world class detective, who tried to stop him. Definitely a mind-blowing cat-and-mouse game, this trilogy is a must-to-see!

There are many more recommended movies to watch from East Asia, such as Sichinin no samurai, Hero, Crouching tigers hidden dragon, Taekgukgi, Tonari no totoro, Il Mare, and A moment to remember (eraser in my head), and many more….

Guten nacht 😉

PS: feel free to suggest other great movie from those countries and any other countries! I am an avid movieholic and would be more than happy to watch your suggestion 🙂


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