Kurnia Sofia Rosyada

About me :

  1. A silly girl that often thought to be a guy until they met me (coz Kurnia is usually a guy’s name in Indonesia. Or, u can said its unisex name:))
  2. Loves to explore new places and soaking up its culture. Have lived in 6 countries so far (Indonesia (Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung and Balikpapan), Japan (Sendai), Russia (Tyumen, Siberia), UK (Glasgow), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and currently resides in Germany (Hamburg). Hopefully the list will continuously grow :))
  3. Loves action, war and horror movie. Enjoy comedy, but not.. and i repeat.. not sappy romantic drama!! (Just kick me out of the cinema!!! PLEASE!!!) – though i must confess sometimes i watch it just to be melancholic 😉
  4. Born on the 7th of October, and hence i am a Libra, and thats y i rock! (as all Libra rocks!! :p )
  5. Wish that i still can grow taller but unfortunately nature forbid me from that…
  6. Favorite color : Red, Black and Deep blue sea
  7. Things that i scared the most : hundred rats running freely and stealing my chocolate!
  8. More towards cool than warm (and thats y i turn on my aircon to 16C whenever possible), and winter is my favorite season 🙂
  9. Things that i am not good at : not snoring while sleeping (just occassionally though. Beside, snoring is normal! So, no excuse to laugh about it, ok?!), be on-time (coz i can sleep like a baby and not wake up!)
  10. Things that frustrate my parents when i was in middle high school : to wake me up (it took at least half an hour of screaming near my ear.. removing my blanket, put 3 alarms nearby and some tickling on my feet – yet.. its not guaranteed to work.. )
  11. The most difficult subject for me to understand : Love, since its often conflicted between what head and heart wants.
  12. Hope that all of my dreams come true :), or even better :))
  13. Would love to make a world a better place.. even if it small changes..
  14. Dream to see world in peace, where there is no poverty nor hunger and people don’t spread hatred but only love.
  15. A perfectionist with addiction towards arts, books, films, fashions and travels
  16. Things that made my heart pumps faster :
  • A nice red ferrari or porsche running fast in the road, or nice modified car ( i often drag my dad to visit extreme modification auto-exhibition when i was in high school:) and this probably also one of the reason i just sooo in love with “Pimp my ride”)
  • A snake or super cute cat
  • A DSLR camera with a super cool lens (like 18/200! Oh yeah.. im drolling over it!!!)
  • Riding on a motorbike fast – (as passenger though)
  • A rollercoaster
  • Standing infront of a famous art masterpiece (e.g. Monalisa, David’s statue, Venus statue, Monet’s, etc)
  • Fashion week show (by Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Hermes, Karl Lagerfeld, & Vera Wang)
  • Happens to be at a famous place or famous sceneric place !! or during travelling
  • Meet inspirational people!
  • Running, biking & kicking
  • Karaoke with songs selection like “Dear God”, “Bed of Roses” and all those top high pitch note by Bon Jovi. PS: Bon Jovi, u rock!!!
  • Trying new stuffs
  • Standing in the high place without proper safety equipment
  • Superb acting (e.g. Joker in The Dark Knights, Edward Norton in Primal Fear )

So.. thats all folks..

And if you wannabe friend with me, just drop me a note at facebook 🙂

  1. Kamal says:

    Your blog is fun to read. how did u enter slb…..

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