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So, i will made a confession here.. Despite my age that must have been categorized as an adult, i wouldn’t deny that i still enjoy reading comics (Detective Conan, Kindaichi, Kung Fu Boy, and Legend of the Dragon would be on my top-list-to-read). And now.. i had found another morning glory for me.. in the name of Greg Heffley. The major character for “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” by Jeff Kinney.

Diary of a wimpy kid brought us to the thoughts and actions of 6th grader, Greg,which all written in a journal (Journal, not a diary. Coz diary is only for girls. ) Greg is a middle-schooler who happened to be a bit egoist, lazy (ok.. maybe very lazy), and wimpy.  He has a sidekick, named Rowley, and together, they had brought us to the dramatic lives of a middle-school, try to survive from the bullies, maths, and climb to the popularity. He is a bit of a loser, but a very likable character. Portrayed in an illustrated novel, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a hilarious book that was really hard to be put down.  Though i must admit, he wasnt a good role model :p

To give u some example, here it goes :

Anyway.. this book is funny and i hope u will enjoy it too as much as i did 🙂


Refresher from one of my Russian friend in wireline about the freeezzzzing cold temperature. Enjoy!

+20° – Greeks put on sweaters (if they can find them).
+15° – Hawaiians turn on the heaters (if they have them).

Ok.. as a request from some people who already read about top 10 things girls like i posted before, i did a little research and got some input from my buddies about stuffs that guy are crazy about.

Hope this provide enough information and data for all the ladies out there who have been trying to figure out about the other species that share the same earth with us, a.k.a guys.

PS : This just for entertainment only yach.. 🙂 There is no purpose to offend anyone :p

So.. lets check the list!!


Dear all…  Hows your day? Ok.. If you said ” same old.. same old.. Staring at my excel spreadsheets, wearing glasses with serious mimic pretending like a working bee while actually waiting for the boss to pass my cubicle and securely surf over (or even stalking!! yess… i know some of u did 🙂 ) my friends on facebook”, well… let me tell you a thing to help pass another usual day. Watch this freakin awesome TV show before u go to bed, and trust me.. u will smile as wide as joker tomorrow 🙂

So.. lets get it to the list dude!