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Its been a gloomy day for this past weeks for Indonesia as this country was forced to deal with 3 natural disasters, including an earthquake, a tsunami and a volcanic eruption in period less than 24 hours on 26th October 2010.

First,  a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit 48 miles west of South Pagai, in the Mentawai islands, and destroyed most of the buildings in the coastal village of Betu Monga.  This triggered a 10-feet tsunami waves that swept away at least six villages. Both of this twin disaster have caused 431 deaths as today,  300 people reported missing and 7,000 households have been affected.

A young Tsunami survivor carries her belongings after her village was hit by the earthquake-triggered tsunami at Munte, North Pagai island (photographed by : Achmad Ibrahim/AP)

Survivor walks through the devastated area where once hundreds house stood – (photograph : Reuters)

Meanwhile, a few hours after, on Java Island, 800 miles away from Mentawai, Indonesia’s most volatile volcano Mt. Merapi spewed out clouds of hot ash and killed at least 30 people.  Since then, this “Volcano of the decade”, named by International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of Earth’s Interior due to its high volcanic activity that had scored 80 eruption from 1995, had spewed again for third time in less than a week. The biggest was on 3rd November 2010, causing nearby town flooded by ash and people are being evacuated away more than ever, including those who had settled previously in the refugees camp.  As today, the death toll had risen up to 38 people.

Mount Merapi erupted  (photographed by : Beawiharta / Reuters)

Volunteers helped carry the bodies of those who died after Mount Merapi erupted (photographed by: Beawiharta / Reuters)

Dwiyono, a state vulcanologist, believes that the volcano will continue to spew out gas and rocks for weeks, possibly months, easing the pressure building up inside the crater.  In addition, there is no guarantee yet if the third eruption is the last one.  Right now we can just hope that there won’t be a massive explosion.

The earthquake and volcano that struck Indonesia recently lie on the same volatile fault line known as the Pacific ring of fire, but it was simply a tragic coincidence that both disasters occurred within a few hours of each other, said experts.  Located at the top of the Pacific ring of fire had forced Indonesia to expect more natural disasters to come, as what had happened in the past.  According to USGS (US Geological Survey – visit ), in 2010 itself, there had been multiple significant earthquake in Indonesia, as follow:

Also, in the past there had been multiple volcano eruption, most notably Krakatao in 1883 that had caused global effect and became the inspiration for Edward Munch on his painting “The Scream”,  and Mount Tambora in 1815 that the eruption itself even caused a harvest failure as far as Canada and that year was famous as “A year without summer”.

Since Pacific Ring of Fire is essentially a horsehoe of geologic activity, including volcanoes, earthquakes, deep sea trenches and major fault zones, located on top of it should have made Indonesia became more aware and prepared for years to come.  Although after the deadly tsunami in 2004,  Indonesia already created national disaster and emergency response team, as well as early warning system to notify majority of the population in a case of natural disaster, there is still some improvement required. The early warning system for example, has not reached some remote islands such as Mentawai yet.

In addition, the infrastructure as well as buildings  in Indonesia are mostly not designed for preventing earthquake like what Japan have done. Even, its often built on area prone to natural disasters.  Therefore, in a case of significant earthquake and tsunami, most of the villages and buildings will be severely damaged.  To make the matter worse, often the civilians are not prepared on taking immediate and urgent actions to protect and evacuate themselves from such disasters.


To help ease Mentawai and Mt. Merapi’s disasters victims,  feel free to provide donation through :

Rekening Donasi Musibah Nasional IA-ITB (Donation account for national disaster IA ITB)
Bank Mandiri : No. 070-000-436339-1 a.n Ikatan Alumni ITB qq Dompet Amal
Ikatan Alumni Institut Teknologi Bandung (IA-ITB)


Wireline life is always full of surprise. When i first subsribe to this kind of life, what i knew is that we dip our tool to downhole well, gather data and produce good log.  Pretty much sound like an easy job yeah? But then.. i was completely wrong!!

Putting the tool downhole in a open hole section in fact, is  like sending your space craft right to the center of the black hole. You did not know whats exactly going on down there..

The formation can collapse at any time..  And often sticky! Stickier than japanese natto! And if the formation itself is depleted,  with a huge differential pressure, or.. if the driller is fancy enough to make an S-type well with a high deviation and severe dog legs, or even like a spiral well… Then your tool or cable can get stuck!

In this kind of case, apparently.. wireliners need to switch itself to be a fisherman! Thats exactly what just happened to me last time. We went fishing on the weekend in the sea!   But not just any fish! Its a big fish! 15 m long and ~1500 lbs in weight! A wireline tool “fish”. Its almost a size of an adult humpback whale, only lighter – at 2/100 of original humpback whale weight which is around 36 Tons!. To imagine how big it is.. , i put the photo taken by Todd Bretl below  ( )

Anyway.. since my fish is a metal-made and not a living creatures that can swim freely in the sea, the technique we use for this is a bit different than conventional fishing.  Its a bit similar to the spear fishing technique. But instead of using a sharp spear gun, we use a drillpipe with a wireline overshot assembly in the bottom to engage the fish.

And as what everyone said about fishing, that it needs patience. The wireline fishing indeed needs very much a patience.  Especially when the tool stuck position is like thousand meters below..  We spend 2 days to shoot the fish, then another 1 day to bring it back to surface, and only 2 hours of sleep a day on average.  Which.. indeed surprised myself again on the fact that its doable!! hahaha..  Though of course after this,  i was pretty battered and therefore sleep hours and hours to recover. lol :p

One thing i learn though..  SLEEP WHENEVER YOU CAN!!  Ability to sleep wherever and whenever is a must in this kind of job! haha..

Last but not least..  i was joking about a spiral-like well. Of course no-one would love to imitate the roller coaster track down there. The tool will not appreciate the fun of sliding as us…

Sunset in Siberia

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Hi all,

Siberia was apparently, super cold! Usual morning, we wake up in a -8 deg C environment, and sometimes… if we are lucky.. it can goes up to -20 C! Which is.. a point where ur finger and lips get numb in a 30 second or so 🙂 Its also very slippery and icy to walk around.

However though… the snow and sunset here is really beautiful, like some of the pics i took below.


Hi all,

So yeah, after abu dhabi, i was packed and sent to Balikpapan, in Borneo island. I arrived ther almost midnite and went to bed at 2 am. All of which.. had make me wake up late and only able to come to the office at 11 am, on my first day!! Which really bad and u should not follow :p! ( PS: i did have difficulty in waking up early in the morning.. i can sleep like a baby and even an earthquake 5.0 Richter cant make me wake up!). On my second day, i went for huet and sea survival training coz my base is an offshore base.


Hi all,

I am currently writing this blog in the small slots on my 12 hours of transit at Dubai airport before being packed and sent to Siberrrria and would like to ask for all of ur kindness to wish me a best of luck 🙂 But before that.. lemme share a bit of whats goin on with me 🙂


Dear mom & Dad,

Thank you so much for everything
For all the lessons you have taught me
Starting from a,b,c,d and 1,2,3
Till every experience that you have both shared
Though sometimes i don’t listen it carefully
And does not take it seriously

Once in a while, every one of us may feel sappy and melancholic. Probably either from hormonal thingy, or.. the situation surrounding ourselves force us somehow to think deeper than usual…

For me, as a field engineer, surrounded by a deep blue ocean in offshore rigs provide opportunity to enjoy a silent night, literally. A full moon accompanied by thousands bright stars scattered in the black sky, and other rigs or barges light sparklings from far, creates an image of fireflies coloring the darkest line and the elegant movement of ocean waves is what ive seen. All, somehow always create such a perfection timing for thinking about the simplicity of life.. and how actually wonderful life is.

Indeed.. life is beautiful.

Whenever u flipped through ur past ages.. All that u can remember vividly, is how happy we were.. Whether in ur holiday events, birthday party, or simply daily routine u did together with ur closest companions and friends. Not the saddest moments of our life! Not the sorrow.

And to celebrate the beautiful of life, i want to share some of the top quotes from our dearest novels. All that has made me think in a more positive ways.. or even a tipping point where i can see stuffs from different angle, and find our own interpretations of what life truly are..

So.. here goes the list (PS : sorry for those of you who must suffer as the result of my melancholicity and jazzy :p –)