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I read a book by Izzeldin Abuelaish, entitled “I Shall Not Hate”, which described by Sunday Times as ‘a remarkable study of compassion, and of daily life in the Gaza strip’. It was one of the most powerful and moving notes i had ever read regarding exceptional humanity, and one’s ability to forgive. The following is the summary of his extraordinary life’s journey.

Izzeldin Abuelaish, was amongst one of the Palestinians that have to live in Gaza strip, following the Israel’s state declaration. Living day-to-day under extreme poverty and worry to feed their little brothers and sisters, he had grown to be a strong-willed boy, hungry for education to lift up his family. When he was 15 years old, he then worked at a israeli’s jewish farm where he experienced warm welcome, and came to understand that there are more similarity than differences between Palestinian and Israelis. That peace and coexistence are things that desired by both and its possible to be reached. Soon thereafter, he then witnessed the destruction of houses instructed by Ariel Sharon to widen the road for the tanks to patrol.

Despite all the misfortune, he managed to get a medical education in Egypt, even goes further to pursue study in Harvard.

Although most of the world has heard of Gaza strip, but only few really knew what its like to live here, blockaded, impoverished that span on period over decades. Abuelaish provides view of daily life in Gaza and tells remarkable story of how he became first Palestinian doctor that works in Israeli hospital. Abuelaish has devoted his life for medical purpose, helping everyone who needs it, despite their origin. Whether they are Palestinian or Israelis.

Unfortunately, recently in 2009, three of his daughters were killed by shells fired directly to their bedroom. The events were shocking as Abuelaish was well-known to the Israelis.  His eye-witness reports for Israeli TV was heartbreaking and eye-opener.  Despite his great lost, he refused to hate or commit a revenged. Instead, he hoped for common understanding and co-existence as a means to counter violence and bloodshed. His hope is that his daughters will be “the last sacrifice on the road to peace between Palestinians and Israelis”.

This book is a great read and great example of a man’s character. As honest as it is, sometimes its often painful to read. The characters has shown a great strength to endure all the pain and losses without thinking for a revenge or hate.  A definite must read to understand the conflict in Gaza strips and what we should do to end it. Not with hatred, but rather, common understanding and embrace co-existence… Hopefully both Palestinian and Israeli leaders read this book and got to their common sense on not to provoke wars and increasing death toll, but rather, to seek for peace….