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Ive been dying to find a time for writing my latest travel  experience visiting Lombok Island, because this destination is amazing!! .  A neighboring island to Bali, it shares similar cultural heritage with a spin-off.  Home to more than 3 million people, the island inhabitants are 85% of “Sasak” people, whose origins might had migrated from Java Island over thousands year ago. Though culturally and linguistically Lombok is quite close to Bali, the majority of its population is a moslem and the landscape are dotted with mosque and minarets, making it infamously called “Island of 1000 mosques”.

Once arrived at the airport, we were welcomed with mountainous view and breezing winds. Then, we went for a lunch at one of the famous local restaurant, which served amazing grilled squid and plecing kangkung – stir-fried vegetables with fish-based and peanuts sauce. The finishing touch itself was also superb. A fresh-sliced of mixed fruits, including star-fruit, papaya, and pineapple.

  Grilled squid and plecing kangkung – a traditional food of Lombok