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Lately my weeks was not the best. Thousand meetings with different groups and characters to finish tons of tasks, coupled with other bunches of self-reflection, unexpected disappointment as well as confusion regarding what i really want to do in the future had made my days as gloomy as Glasgow’s weather. And.. it sucks!! as suck as Glasgow weather which is cloudy with a 99% kiss-goodbye chance to the sunny day.

Though i am suspecting that the hormonal activity graph may play parts in this soaking-blue situation, i guess the main reason of my unreasonable feeling was more because of the uncertainty of the future. So many things i want to try yet i am clueless as prioritizing what really matters for me.

Thankfully, an unexpected encounter with a portrait of poverty in Glasgow had gave me the slap in the face. A wake up call to stop worrying and get to the bottom of my utmost desire, which is to be useful for other.. (fingercrossed…). This encounter made me remembered one advise from my friend who (might) found my bitterness and gloominess last week as annoying as Sadako (from The Ring).  He said “happiness is depend on how you choose the way you look at life. You might be filthy rich but still feel sad or.. you might not have anything, but you are grateful to every second on your life”.

I found this video in Youtube which really sweet and captured exactly the essence of my friend’s advise..

So now..   though my days might be crappier, i will try to see it differently 🙂  Quoting the invictus poem, “I am the captain of my soul, i am the master of my fate”. Its all coming back to us to decide whether we will be happy.. or not..

In addition..  We have issues, but there are bigger issues than ours. We have problems, but yet.. there much bigger problems out there..

here is one video to raise our awareness of the poverty in the world.


We might be no-one, but we can be one to help others..