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Of all seasons, i love winter the most. Its chill weather, wind breeze and pretty snow, which sometimes exhibit astonishing shape of flake, always make me feel at ease and happy. Unfortunately, although i am very much a winter person (in and out), i was not able to enjoy doing a winter sport. At least, until this year 🙂

Its all traced back to 6 years ago, when i was living in Japan. I went skiing for the first time, with my friends to Yamagata. A famous ski resort that often called “the snow monster”. The place was amazingly beautiful! But.. when i tried ski for the first time, my friends took me to the highest peak and of course, since both of them were pro, i was left behind.. Alone! I had to fall so many times, even hit a tree just to go down to the cable car point.  And just at the time when i felt so relieved that i able to reach a safe haven, i met my friend in the cable car who insisted to take me up again and tried one more time. I was horribly suck at this sport, that the resort guard had to take me in their snowmobile as its getting dark.

Since then, i have a mix feeling towards skiing which is really annoying as i love winter so much but not able to enjoy the winter sport. Its like, admitting that you are a Korean but allergic to kimchi. Sort of..  :p  As such, i was putting on my bucket list, one additional item: making peace with winter sport!

So, when i got a chance to try again skiing with my friends from the master program at Zell Am See (Austria), i took it albeit my fear of height or an uneasy feeling towards skiing.  Turn out, when i tried skiing again, i was still suck! I could not break, and i got scared as a cat when they are going to be put into bath tub.

However, my friends managed to convince me to try snowboarding instead. Boy, it was a great advise. Doing snowboarding, it was easier to brake and pace the speed as you like. If you felt that the slope was doing their own thing, and you kinda lose control with your board, you just need to lean backward and sit. It will break immediately. Although, your butt will be flattened and hurt after numerous fall :p

Although indeed it was very tiring to do (as to stand firmly in your snowboard you need to continuously balancing your weight and manage breaking), i am so glad that i gave it a try. And i was so lucky to have nice friends who were patience enough to teach me and accompany me to stand up once more every time i fell :p In the end, i fell in love with snowboarding and Zell Am See.  The place is strikingly beautiful, as can be seen in the picture below. I was so glad i finally make peace with winter sport 🙂


One thing though.. Zell Am See has a blue track to go to the bottom of City Express start point where the path was very narrow and surrounded by pine trees or cliff at both side. It was very difficult to manage the snowboard as its speed up way more than i like to, and i got chickened out. Especially since i have a bit phobia towards height :p So, i was walking down the slope, borrowing the ski sticks of my friend. Guess it was a good decision as on the way we saw a girl having a ski accident, perhaps broke or twisted her arm.

Anyway, this trip is not going to be the only snowboard trip in my life, but its just the beginning of many snowboard experience ahead (finger crossed!!). Hopefully, next i will be more confident on my snowboard and move like Mike Jagger on it :p  And would be super cool if next, as crossing the other item on my bucket list, i will be able to make peace and face fear of height! Perhaps skydiving? or bungee jumping? 😉 As a wise man said, “when dying, your life flash before your eyes. Make sure it is worth watching. Live, like you are dying!”